ear friends of good old country music, American folk songs and traditional country dancing, we would like to present to you a collection of musical shows and educational programs from the rich repertoire of Martin Žák, his old-time country band Stará Almara and his other musician friends.
Our activities include not only stand-alone concerts, but also programs suitable for clubs, festivals, schools, summer camps, social events, performances for museums and open-air living history museums, musical lessons, seminars etc. In a word, we can perform whatever you imagine!
We can adapt every program to your requirements and wishes, for specific occasions or audience. Authentic musical instruments and period costumes are an integral part of our presentations.

Martin Žák

Martin Žák Programs with Martin Žák include highly entertaining fun shows, featuring old songs with Czech lyrics and narration; of course with introduction of traditional instruments ranging from five-string banjos in its various historical versions, Appalachian dulcimer and autoharp right to jaw harp, mouthbow, washboard, spoons, limberjack, and even a paper bag!
Topical educational shows are also a part of Martin’s independent activities. Audience participation is often called for (singing, dancing, playing the instruments).
The average duration of a program could be 30 to 60 minutes, or according to agreement

Martin Žák & Family

Martin & Family Our typical family program is particularly suitable for kids or as a whole family event.
The shows typically feature old-time songs, narrations, and traditional musical instruments, ranging from banjo, guitar and autoharp to mouthbow, wooden spoon playing, or even a paper bag as a rhythm instrument!
Shows are enriched with exciting performances of traditional mountain dancing (buck, flatfoot).
Getting viewers involved: singing, dancing, playing the instruments, learning basic steps of mountain dancing and a simple country square dance.
Duration of the program: 30 to 60 minutes, or according to agreement

Martin Žák & Stará Almara

Martin Žák & Stará almara The old-time country band Stará Almara is a recreation of long-passed times, a mosaic of tiny fragments from the era of early settlement in the American „Promised Land“. In moments it will take the contemporary listeners to the times of plain home singing, playing and dancing, and to the exuberant country music often played in barns and under open sky.
We offer you musical entertaining shows of Martin’s old-time country band Stará Almara with traditional American songs (often with Martin’s Czech lyrics), old-time dance tunes, old-time stories...
The introduction of both well-known and forgotten traditional instruments, involvement of viewers, the teaching of country dances by an experienced „bar-dance caller“.
Duration of the programme: 30 minutes to 2 hours or according to agreement

Martin Žák & Stará almara
with an exciting dance group Dvorana Country Dancers

Martin Žák & Stará almara & Dvorana Country Dancers Joint performance of Martin Žák and his band Stará Almara along with the rousing and charming dance group Dvorana Country Dancers led by clog-dance star, Jan Pumpr.
A compact program with traditional American songs, old-time dancing melodies, stories and period dances (traditional square dances, Apallachian clogging, Irish dances etc.) Possibility of getting viewers involved by teaching country dances under the guidance of an experienced square-dance „caller“.
Duration of the program: 30 minutes to 2 hours or according to agreement

Martin Žák and Stará Almara are represented by
Country Home v Lužických horách, Naděje 1, 471 56 Mařenice
tel. / fax: + 420 / 487 863 963 / E-mail: email@countryhome.cz

We offer you original programs with traditional country music and period instruments targeted at clubs, schools, summer camps etc., as well as concerts, festival shows, music for museums and open-air living history museums, musical lessons and seminars. See more information with video click here.

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Martin Žák would like to thank everybody who showed him the way, first of all
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